Project Overview

The sensational launch event that unfolded at Steyn City's by Creative Collective took the reins, conceptualizing and orchestrating an unforgettable launch that left an incredible mark.

104 on Creek stands as a testament to opulence and luxury, and Creative Collective's event embodied these attributes. The launch transformed Steyn City's exquisite estate into a realm of artistry and elegance.

Creative Collective's ingenuity came to life in the form of a dazzling pool party, complete with elegant swan inflatables and attentive promoters. The serene waters of Steyn City's pool were brought to life, setting the stage for an event that merged sophistication and entertainment.

The launch event was a strategic sales drive that ignited waves of excitement. Creative Collective's coordination seamlessly aligned the event with Steyn City's goals, making the launch not only memorable but impactful.

The 104 on Creek launch event was a fusion of creativity and real estate prowess. Creative Collective blended the art of event coordination with Steyn City's commitment to offering unparalleled living experiences, creating an ambiance that resonated with potential buyers.

The launch event was more than just a gathering; it was a testament to Creative Collective's ability to craft experiences that transcend traditional events. The pool party not only showcased the beauty of Steyn City's estate but also created an environment where art, elegance, and real estate converged.