Project Overview

At Creative Collective, we had the honour of joining hands with Vincent Park to celebrate a remarkable milestone - their 50th birthday! With "VP Turns 50," we embarked on a journey of colour, joy, and festivity that lit up every corner of the mall.

Vincent Park's 50th birthday was not just an event; it was a vibrant tapestry of fun and colour. From the Happy Days arches adorned with rainbow hues to a playful, colourful staircase, the entire mall was alive with celebration.

Every step at Vincent Park became a chance for memorable snapshots with our custom built photo walls. Our strategically placed photo opportunities transformed the mall into a gallery of laughter, creating memories that would be cherished forever.

Our iconic Cart, a symbol of delight, roamed the mall, spreading joy with every turn. Our promoters, adorned in style, shared gifts that matched the excitement of the occasion, embodying the spirit of the celebration.

Live music echoed through the corridors, setting the tone for an unforgettable birthday bash. The mall resonated with melodies, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere.

Conceptualizing and designing the VP Turns 50 campaign was a joy in itself. We relished the opportunity to craft an experience that commemorated Vincent Park's half-century mark with creativity, enthusiasm, and a touch of our signature magic.