Project Overview

Gateway Theatre of Shopping's Makers Workshops, presented by Creative Collective, was a captivating arts and crafts experience that brought joy to the July school holiday period.

The Gateway Makers Create & Craft Workshops campaign was a resounding success, bringing families, individuals, and creative enthusiasts together for a memorable experience. The workshops transformed the shopping environment into a hub of creativity, encouraging both young and old to explore their artistic sides.

The Gateway Makers Create & Craft Workshops list of workshops that were offered during the campaign were:

  • Clay Earrings/Keyrings
  • Line Drawing on Tote Bags
  • Succulent Terrariums
  • Embroidery on Tote Bags
  • Stippling on Aprons
  • Painting on Canvas

Each workshop provided a unique creative experience for participants to explore their artistic talents and create something special to take home.

At Gateway Makers Create & Craft Workshops, the response was overwhelming. Participants eagerly shared their positive experiences, praising the workshops as a fresh addition to the mall's offerings. Calls for its return during the next school holiday period echoed passionately. Even those who believed creativity wasn't their forte were amazed by their artistic achievements and couldn't wait to dive into more workshops.

People of all ages were captivated. Parents, kids, adults, teens, and even seasoned shoppers found joy in the diverse activities. Conveniently located on the Cinema level court, the workshops became a hub for families seeking both leisure and bonding.

The impact was tangible. Stores around the workshops noticed increased foot traffic, undoubtedly influenced by the engaging activities. Attendees were so thrilled that many came back for more, confirming the workshops' appeal and their eagerness to explore every facet.

Anticipation soared for the future. Enthusiastic inquiries poured in about adding new workshops, a testament to the ignited curiosity and yearning for continuous creative experiences.

Participation was affordable and rewarding. Priced at R120 per workshop, many seized the opportunity to join multiple sessions, considering it a valuable investment in enjoyment and skill-building.

The atmosphere was electric, propelling shoppers to revisit Gateway. Ordinary visits turned into exciting escapades, thanks to the vibrant ambiance and enjoyable activities.

Word-of-mouth was our superpower. Participants shared their joy with friends and family, transforming the workshops into sought-after family outings. Special occasions, like birthdays, were even celebrated through participation.

Gateway Makers Workshops brought families closer. They facilitated serene moments of creative togetherness, offering a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of life.

In essence, the campaign wasn't just about creativity; it was a journey of bonding, discovery, and bringing out the artist in everyone.