Project Overview

Step into a world of sweetness and creativity at Sandton City's Chocolate Café | Speckled Edition. Crafted by Creative Collective, this interactive campaign brought families and individuals together in celebration of Easter, turning Sandton City's Center Court into a haven of joy.

Themed Activities: From March 30th to April 10th, 2023, the Chocolate Café | Speckled Edition came to life, building on the success of the 2022 Chocolate Café. This family-focused event centred around Easter treat decorating, featuring engaging activities for all.

For just R20 per activity, visitors could delve into a range of creative ventures, including:

 - Decorating chocolate Easter eggs

 - Embellishing Easter-themed cookies

 - Customising chocolate slabs

 - Meeting the Easter bunny (April 1, 2, 8, 9, 10, from 10am to 2pm)

 - Tenant offerings by Just Teddy (beverages)

 - Face painting (April 8, 9, 10, from 10am to 2pm)

Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant wonder, where creativity took physical form through a dazzling, tailor-made build. The Creative Collective, true to its name, envisioned and meticulously brought to life an extraordinary space that perfectly resonated with the theme of the event.

Every inch of the environment was a testament to our team's ingenuity. From the entrance that welcomed with vibrant, eye-catching arches, to the intricate detailing that adorned every corner, the entire experience was tailored to the theme of the Chocolate Café | Speckled Edition.

The build was not just a background; it was an essential part of the event's soul. Every colour, every shape, and every design element danced harmoniously, weaving a narrative that celebrated Easter and the joy of creativity through a sweet haven. The space acted as a canvas, bringing to life the event's essence and inviting visitors to be a part of the vibrant tapestry.

The tailor-made branding was the thread that tied everything together. From signage that guided participants to delightful installations that heightened the festive atmosphere, the branding was carefully designed to create a cohesive visual appeal. It was a brand language that spoke of joy, artistry, and the excitement of the event.

Creative Collective's meticulous attention to detail and our commitment to weaving the theme into every aspect of the build made the Chocolate Café | Speckled Edition not just an event, but an immersive experience. It was a world where attendees didn't just participate; thanks to the amazing and colourful build that was designed and installed with utmost care and dedication.

Within the heart of the Chocolate Café | Speckled Edition, we carefully curated a collection of chocolate and Easter-themed delights, elements, and décor. Each piece was chosen with precision to immerse every moment in the essence of the event.

Our selection of treats, including chocolate Easter eggs, cookies, and chocolate slabs, was tailored to amplify the theme. Each awaited participants' creative touch, transforming them into personalised works of art.

The event space bloomed with Easter-inspired décor, featuring pastel Easter shades. This seamless integration of elements enveloped visitors in a world of seasonal wonder.

From treats to decorations, every aspect coalesced to create a harmonious experience. The result was a vivid and cohesive atmosphere that transported attendees into an Easter wonderland.

As participants adorned their creations with sweets and sprinkles, they wove memories filled with creativity and joy. Our offerings served as the backdrop to these cherished moments, capturing the spirit of Easter with every touch.

Our mission was simple: to infuse every corner of the Chocolate Café | Speckled Edition with a sense of wonder. Through our chocolate and Easter-themed delights, and elements we weaved an enchanting tapestry that framed an unforgettable experience.